Films, my passionate pastime

Article / 02 March 2018

When I'm not busy creating imagery, one of my favourite pastimes is watching films, and writing short impressions of them on Letterboxd.

I consider film to be the ultimate form of expression, combining visuals, audio and motion to tell a story and convey emotions. It's like traveling to an alternate reality for a few hours, if the film is convincing enough.

Letterboxd is a great platform to create your own film journal, allowing you to express whatever you like about the films you've seen, including reviews, ratings and lists.

Here's my current film top 25:

As you can see, I tend to prefer dark, moody and often surreal films. I think those films offer the most interesting escape from the sometimes unbearable dullness of reality.

The Shining is my all-time favorite film. Stanley Kubrick delivered an audiovisual masterpiece in 1980, making effective use of state-of-the-art camera techniques. The estranging symmetry of the shots, the 1970s carpet and wallpaper designs, the "All work and no play..." scenes, Jack Nicholson's progress from sanity to insanity, and so on. Every time I watch The Shining, I recognize more of its magnificence.

You're invited to have a look at my full list of favourite films, and my hundreds of short movie reviews. I hope you'll discover a few gems.

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