Bix the Outerspace alien character

General / 11 December 2018

Back in 2003 I developed a 3D alien character called Bix for Outerspace Software, the Dutch software development company of Michiel den Outer, an old friend of mine. Michiel is the skilled developer of BluffTitler, a versatile realtime 3D editor with an emphasis on 3D video effects.

Michiel asked me to update some illustrations featuring Bix for BluffTitler's app icons and website. I rebuilt my Bix shaders and lighting for the brand new Eevee renderer in Blender 2.8. I like Eevee's dynamic, non-photorealistic look.

Unfortunate accident — 3D character

General / 03 December 2018

Unfortunate accident — 3D character, inspired by a Riki Fuhrmann concept. 🙂 

Godzilla 3D artwork

General / 28 November 2018

Godzilla 3D artwork, inspired by a Riki Fuhrmann concept.

Science-Fiction novel cover design

General / 21 November 2018

Some time ago two friends and I decided to join forces in a small-scale project combining our passions. One of the friends — Omar Muñoz Cremers — is a writer, the other one — Stefan Alfrink — is a music composer.

Omar would write a short Utopian Science-Fiction story that takes place in Amsterdam, Stefan would compose matching music, and I'd take care of the cover design. I had a minimalistic graphic style in mind for the cover artwork:


Toy robot promotional gift design

General / 08 November 2018

Some time ago I created a 3D robot design, which was spotted by a client who asked me to turn it into a toy robot design for a promotional gift.

This is the original design:

And this is the adjusted plastic promotional gift variant:

As you can see I’ve added the company logo, adjusted the legs to better match the arms, and to be robust enough for a small plastic figurine. I also removed the antennae to make the figurine a little more compact, and added teeth for a nicer smile.

Because the company develops drone control software the robot should be able to fly, but propellors didn't really work, so I added a jetpack.

The amount of colors was reduced to only two shades of blue, because each extra color raises the price of the final product.

Love hurts

General / 02 October 2018

I found this old scribble in my ar(t)chive. I still like the concept.

Mickey the Poo

General / 25 September 2018

Mickey the Poo. 💩

Retro electronic music maker — vector illustration

General / 23 September 2018

Vector illustration of a retro electronic music maker.

Tiger toy figure model — Work In Progress

General / 19 September 2018

Three stages of modeling a tiger toy figure model in ZBrush.


Toy figure models for a collectibles producer

General / 19 September 2018

Toy figure sculptures for a producer of promotional collectibles.