3D models (including free 3D models)
2D prints (on various items)

Artylicious — Freelance webdesigner • Bussum, the Netherlands
Comic House — Illustration agency • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
De Hazen — Graphic design bureau • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Letterboxd — Film reviews
Behance — Art gallery 1
Artstation — Art gallery 2
DeviantArt — Art gallery 3

Moon Child — 2D platform game:
Apple iOS
Apple macOS
Blender — Open source 3D editor for Linux, macOS and Windows
Inkscape — Vector editor for Linux, macOS and Windows
Krita — Open source painting software for Linux, macOS and Windows
PhotoScape X — Image editor for macOS and Windows
IrfanView — Windows image viewer
Everything — Fast Windows search substitute
ClipAngel — Windows clipboard manager
Beeftext — Windows tool to expand abbreviations into full text
Bulk Crap Uninstaller — Thoroughly uninstall Windows applications
MusicBee — Windows music player
K-Lite Codec Pack — Extensive audio and video codec collection for Windows

Right-Click Select — Blender feature suggestions
Blender Development Fund — Support open source development
Blender Artists — Blender community forum
OpenVDB Remesh — Voxel-based remeshing add-on
Mask Tools — Enhanced sculpt masking tools add-on
Bézier Curve CAD Tools — Enhanced curve tools add-on
SimpleLattice — Lattice deformation facilitation add-on
D-Noise — NVIDIA AI denoiser add-on for Blender’s Cycles renderer
VSE Transform Tools — Video Sequence Editor enhancement add-on

[Dutch] Team Hoi — Eén van de eerste Nederlandse game development teams
Hall Of Light — Extensive Commodore Amiga game information archive
Retro games / Retro tech — Multi-section Pinterest pinboard with digital nostalgia
RKO — Remixes of classic Commodore 64 game chiptunes

[Dutch] Laat Je Niet Hack Maken — Informatieve pagina over digitale veiligheid
PopURLs — News aggregator
Kao-Ani — All things cute
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